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Virtual Presentations (2023)

Weren't able to join Reencuentro Taíno Conference in person? No worries, we've got you covered. Watch recordings of all the incredible presentations below. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel @tainoconference to stay up to date with the latest premieres. New videos are added every week.


Ribbon Cutting

Taíno Language Exploration

Life, Death, and Remembrance in the Tibes Ceremonial Center

Musical Performance: Bomba de Aquí

The Shaman and the Chief

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture's Catalog of Archeology

Speaking in Lechi di Poti

The Archeology of the 21st Century

The Birth of Modern Taíno

Musical Performance: Ra Ruiz León "Jikotea Niaku'no" & Irka Mateo

Language Learning Technology Tools and Resources for All

Language and Culture in Education

Kiwari Taino Ahuiki'no Queer Taino Voices

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture For Nature

Teachers' Roundtable: The Future of Taíno

Technology for Taíno

Evidence About Padre Nazario's Stones

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