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About Our Colors & Logo

Sharing & Learning for Future Generations

Our logo’s meaning

As the name indicates, Reencuentro Taíno Conference was conceived as a space where our Taíno family can reunite to share, listen, and learn. In that spirit, we have chosen a logo and colors that reflect our common goals:

  • Reconnecting to Spirit and our ancestors

  • Revitalizing our language

  • Reclaiming our culture

Sun & Sea

The background image is titled “Sun & Sea”. The gold reflects the energy of life-giving güéy (sun) that nourishes us, gives us strength, and propels us to action. It is passion that moves us to do what is right and just, to honor our ancestors, and to create a better world for future generations. The blue represents the sea, a vital conduit in the physical and spiritual realms. In the physical sense, bágua (the sea) has always united our islands, allowing us to reconnect with our Taíno relatives, to trade, and sustain ourselves. In the spiritual sense, ni (water) is a conduit to our ancestors, allowing us to receive their guidance, to remember a past once forgotten, and to reawaken to our life’s purpose.​

Give Me Your Hand

The spiral at the center of our logo is an important symbol for our Taíno community. It represents the water that gave us life, the infinite universe, and cosmic energy. The multicolored hands reaching toward that spiral represent the members of our community. We are many different colors, speak different languages, and live in different parts of the world. Although we may appear very different on the surface, we are all seeking a connection to that cosmic energy to understand why we are here at this time. And as our hands reach for Spirit, so we reach out for each other. Because in the end, it is when we unite as a community that we can accomplish the great mission our ancestors have entrusted us with.

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