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Code of Conduct

To all attendees: Please read carefully.

For Reencuentro Taíno Conference, the safety of all participants is of the utmost importance. To that end, there will be security personnel on the premises. Face coverings are optional for all visitors and staff. Please help us make sure that everyone feels equally respected whether they choose to wear a face covering or not. We also ask all attendees to: 

  • Follow all posted rules and regulations on the conference premises.

  • Maintain a professional relationship before, during, and after the event with participants and other attendees. 


  • Listen and ask questions respectfully, whether they agree or disagree with the information or opinions being expressed by participants or other attendees.


  • NOT engage in any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment, abuse, assault, or victimization of participants or other attendees, whether verbal or physical, before, during, and after the event. 


Reencuentro Taíno Conference reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss any person or persons displaying inappropriate behavior that does not align with the values or objectives of this event. 

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