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Support Local Artisans

Guaíza Exhibition

We are grateful to the following artisans for their participation in the "guaíza" (traditional Taíno mask) exhibition.

Colectivo Máscaras de Puerto Rico.webp

Alex Hernández
Allison Arocho
Carely Pizarro
Celestina Robles
Cindy Ramírez
Ena Capó
Gabriel López
Grisell Arocho
Harold Maldonado
José Luis Rodríguez
Juan Gustavo González
Louis Medina
Lourdes Y. Crespo

Luigi Carrasquillo
Maryan Y. López Velázquez 
Minerva Hernández
Nitza Aquino
Noel Torres Quirós
Norma Carrión
Norma Gómez
Olga Costa
Tairys López
Teddy Vázquez
Wilda Cruz
Wilfredo Vigo

Participating Artisans

We welcome the following certified artisans.

Cacique Antonio Castro
Brenda Álvarez
Edith Feliciano
Eva Pérez
José Suárez
Laura Ruíz
Licmarie Hernández
Lourdes Crespo
María Pérez
Maribel Rivera
Maritza Ríos

Minerva Hernández
Natasha Adorno
Omayra Rosario
Ramón Díaz
Ramonita Figueroa
Sheila Ballesté
Víctor Torres
Yaítza Santos
Yamilca García
Yelica Rivera


And Members of the Department of Corrections Artisanal Program

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Like what you see?

Support the work of local artisans of Borikén (Puerto Rico) by getting one-of-a-kind pieces made by hand with natural materials. Here are links to the websites and social media pages of the artisans who participated in our event.

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